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Bad Credit Leasing


Personal Contract Hire

Contract hire is well established in the UK and has been used by businesses for some time to take care of their motor finance needs and requirements.We are someway behind the USA where a much higher percentage of consumers use a Car lease or leasing contract as a way to drive around in a new car or van. The UK has since had a massive increase in Personal Contract Hire as a way to fund personal car purchases and this can be seen by the huge numbers of companies offering their services on the internet. Part of the reason for a slow uptake on car leasing in the UK is the insistence on the UK public to have to 'own' their cars. When in actual fact most consumers taking a purchase agreement are fixed to a 4-5 year contract or will still have a fixed balloon payment to make at the end to keep their cars. With Personal contract hire the user doesn't own the vehicle but will be able to change to a new car every few years without having to either sell or settle the finance outstanding. In reality those buying a car dont actually own the vehicle until the final payment is made and are then no better off, own a 4- 5 year old car,have to pay for Mot and any faults as the car has no warranty and will more than likely then trade in and start all over again! With Personal Contract Hire and leasing you will be able to have a fixed monthly payment and choose any car you like. At MSG we can help those with Bad Credit,poor credit history,defaults,CCJ's or even if you have no credit rating due to never having had any finance in your name. If you are registered on the electoral roll at your address, can provide a copy of your passport,driving licence,utility bill and wage slips/bank statements that we will be able to offer a Personal Contract Hire car finance solution to you. Even if you have been turned down recently or in the past we can help. Bad credit or a low credit rating doesn't matter as the underwritters we use have a different lending criteria to the mainstream funders.
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Personal Contract Hire

A personal contract hire is similar to a long term lease on a car except the payments will be lower. Once approved for a personal contract hire or Bad Credit Leasing agreement you can select any make or model of car. Choose from Audi,Bmw,Mercedes,Volvo,Ford,Vauxhall,Mazda,Volkswagen,Jaguar and many more - even if you have had Credit Problems in the past, have been declined or have a low credit score on your credit file.
Once you have decided on which car to choose from you will set the mileage that you think you will do each year on the Car Lease and the number of years you wish the lease to run for. Your monthly payment is then calculated for you and will include road fund licence for a minimum period of 12 months time. Ordering a lease car even if it is a bad credit leasing contract will be done the same as if you were buying the car yourself. This means that you can specify every aspect of your vehicle from model,colour and optional extras. The delivery time will depend on how soon you would like the car and can be as quick as 10 days upto 8 week for a custom built factory order.When in stock your new leasing car on a personal contract hire agreement will be delivered to your door. Insurance is down to you but the new car will come with a UK warranty and breakdown cover is also included with every new vehicle.

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October 24, 2014
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