Bad Credit Leasing


Bad Credit Van leasing

When operating a business you will always usually need some form of transport and more than likely a van is required. Van Leasing is a quick and easy way to grow your business vehicle needs without the cost of out right purchase. At MSG we deal with many companies who have either been declined credit with the mainstream lenders or are just starting up and are struggling to get motor finance approvals. We work with a number of specialist finance companies who have a much lower lending criteria or credit rating requirement. This means that we can help those business with a low credit score,previous bad debt,Bad Credit on their files,judgements,defaults or are simply a new start business with No Credit rating. Even if you have recently been rejected down for a van lease or van financing we can still help. Its as simple as filling out one of our proposal forms and we will give you a call. The funders we use will normally require certain paperwork such as bank statements,a copy of driving licence/passport and possibly a utility bill but all is straight forward enough. If you are a new Business or have had problems in the past in but have a profitable company it may be just a case of agreeing to a Directors guarentee on the van leasing contract. This would just mean that you are stating that you will continue to make the payments should you stop trading. With Bad Credit Leasing you will normally have a 3 or 4 year agreement but can change the lease vehicle after two years with no penalty.

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October 21, 2014
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